Transforming our nation into a beacon of beauty and confidence, where every smile radiates with health and every face glows with natural beauty, through expert dental and derma care.

Introduction (Brand Story)

Back in 2020, our founder suddenly contracted some allergies where she started to get red patches.

After a few days when she was traveling from mumbai to Jaipur with her family, there was aggravation in these patches with tremendous itching and burning. Amidst the chaos of seeking recommendations from friends and trying to navigate an unfamiliar place, she realized how tricky it was to trust someone with urgent skin care.

She had already tried a couple of dermatologists in those areas, but yet itchiness and burning couldn't come down! She realised It is difficult to find a dermatologist you can trust.

Despite getting the treatment sorted out, the memory of that incident lingered.

Later, our founder discovered a surprising gap in health insurance coverage in India when she was required to pay a high amount for dermatology treatment and realised dermatological and dental treatments weren't included in most Medical Insurance Policies.

Dentistry comes to mind as her husband is a dentist and has a dental clinic in Mumbai (Powai) and many patients ask for insurance coverage, but unfortunately, there is nothing, so they couldn't do much for their patients.

These treatments, as we all know, can take a toll on the wallet.

And there it was—the lightbulb moment! Our founder decided to create something meaningful out of this experience. This is how IDDA was born.

At IDDA, we're on a mission to make dental and derma care more accessible. We want to tackle the common concerns people face: safety, cost, time, and the fear that can come with seeking medical help.

Our focus has been of helping people and making dentistry and dermatology treatment hassle free for everyone and thus IDDA has come up with the concept of not charging exorbitant premiums, but rather provide partial reimbursements through our subscription model where every individual can take up these benefits.

Through IDDA, we also want to promote maximum Oral health care and skin care and make India more presentable!

Trust: Trust is the foundation of what we aim do at IDDA. Building trust with not just our patients and doctors but also with our staff that make our lives better.

Integrity: With a community of various exceptional practitioners, one value that stands out to be common and integral part of our existence is integrity.

Respect: Respecting each other is a bare minimum at IDDA that makes our culture better and sets the right tone to achieve our goals as a team.

Kindness: A simple act of kindness can multiply the impact we want to create in people’s lives and we firmly stand by it.

Optimism: IDDA Doctor’s rich experience and belief have ignited an optimistic approach in everyday functioning.

Transparency:We at IDDA are committed to our purpose and we believe transparency is an authentic way to do so. Transparency: We at IDDA are committed to our purpose and we believe transparency is an authentic way to do so.



Join our Community to experience the IDDA difference today. Your smile, your skin and our assurance- we have got you covered.

CEO's Note

IDDA is a community of top notch doctors that make sure to give trustworthy and reliable insights for people to make informed decisions during their dental and derma treatments. We all believe in what we do at IDDA and are close to its purpose. With a vision to empower a nation with the most beautiful smiles and radiant skin, we have embarked on this journey to make IDDA a one stop solution for all your dental and derma care.

Dental and derma treatment procedures can be daunting and therefore it may not be accessible to everyone. And we at IDDA understand this. We make sure that it is accessible and affordable to everyone especially with our assurance plan where you get a partial reimbursement on your treatments.
I, as a CEO of IDDA, am looking forward to make each individual a confident version of themselves reason being their smiles and glowing skin.